young love, i feel you know me better than most.

Take time today to appreciate someone who does something you take for granted.

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When I walk into a room
And the conversation stops in it’s tracks
And suddenly she morphs into me
Every word and syllable and breath is me
And every punctuation mark is a stab in the back.
When I leave the room
And the laughter starts slowly
Like a tsunami it drowns me
And then suddenly it is me.
Every giggle and laugh and gasp for air is me.
I am the end of a conversation and I am the closing of a door.
I am not wanted, but I happen, in silence.


Late Each Night

And I stay up late each night
Just to hear you sing broken
Lines from love songs
And I stay up late each night
To explore every corner and crevice
Of your golden mind
And I stay up late each night
To listen to you read love
Poems to me
Regardless of if you’ve written


“If I cannot love you as a lover, I will love you as a friend.”
These words haunt me.
How could I possibly love you as a friend or a lover knowing that you will never love me as either?
All I want is one more chance.
One more chance to tell you everything and let you know that things…